For my graduation project I made a series of posters about what we can do to combat climate change. I've focused on the little things we can all do to contribute, like taking shorter showers and using less electricity. Because people quickly get tired of all the negative and accusatory environmental messages, I wanted to tell this in a lighthearted way. I communicate my message through posters designs using a retro style, inspired by old horror movie genre posters. In this way I hope to both entertain and create awareness at the same time. 
The posters have been developed using both analogue and digital techniques. The lines are drawn with ink to give a rough texture and the colors and text have been added digitally. This way I combine two forms in which I enjoy working to show my creative expression. I have enjoyed delving into my interests and making something that has soul. 
Do you want to have any of these posters on your wall? Contact me for prices and shipping and you will get one as soon as possible! Contact information on the Contact page.
With this project I graduated the bachelor Illustrated & Animated Storytelling at St. Joost School of Art & Design.
In my sixth semester at St. Joost School of Art & Design I worked in a studio with classmates to make a zine. In this zine we told stories related to the question: ''What if we could clone humans?''.
I was responsible for a 4 page comic about the consequences of cloning an army, a mixed media illustration and together with a studio member I made the cover (my studio member and friend Vanessa Postma did the beautiful lighting and shading).

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