This portrait was commissioned by Graphic Matters and musicfestival PopMonument, for a project about 'the women of Nassau' called 'de Kloecke Vrouwen'.
PopMonument connects pop music with heritage. Every year the festival settles in various cities, where the visitor is taken on a musical journey in and past monumental buildings, with special acts.
For this event, eight women were selected who have had a major influence on the development of the city Breda. All these woman were illustrated by eight different artists.
I was asked to illustrate Cimburga van Baden ( 1450 - 1501 ). This woman was married to Count Engelbert II with whom she had no children. Her husband behaved very unchaste, so she had to make up for that as a diplomat and advisor.
The symbolism for this comes back in the boar's head on the wall (for unchastity), the papers she is holding and the moon jewel on her dress. 
The portrait was exhibited in a small gallery in the city of Breda and as vj-visuals for some of the artists during the festival itself.

Cimburga van Baden ( 1450 - 1501 )

This is the logo and monogram I made for the band Crimson Dust.
I created this label for Liam Eriksson who builds acoustic guitars. 
These logo's were made for the company EvenBestaatNiet and the foundation Stichting Cityspelen.
This logo and monogram was made for tea house Natuurlekker. My first official commisioned work and therefore it's very important to me.

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